La Baracca sul Mare

'The Shack, at last. A place with open arms, ready to welcome every new fantasy. Ready to huddle around other dreams. Because dreams are like that. When you take care to choose them well, it can happen that they come true.”
Taken from the book 'La ragazza della Baracca sul Mare' by Andrea Rigato

La Baracca sul Mare is the Headquarters of Daniela Dallavalle Spa. A place where freedom, art and creative expression come together. Covering an area of more than six thousand square metres, the Baracca is characterised by its large, bright, dynamic rooms enveloped in ethereal white.

The building represents one of the most innovative examples of Near Zero Energy Building in Europe: it is not only a space within which various activities take place, but also a place that wants to celebrate nature, respecting it.

A place dedicated to sharing beauty, where events and projects outlining new perspectives in a context of technological and eco-sustainable modernity are developed in pure synergy.

“An active museum, out of time, constantly changing, it preserves the succession of thoughts and moments of experience, which have taken shape in the form of works of art, garments to wear, design objects, room fragrances, home textiles.”