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The Shack by the Sea

The Shack by the Sea

Headquarter, atelier, factory & outlet

Viale John Ambrose Fleming, 9

41012 Carpi MO, Italy

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  • The beginning of phase number 2
  • my way....
  • In my life journey
  • I think I will....
  • the boundaries of your thoughts
  • let me know as soon as you hear back....
  • Back later......
  • The sun begins to speak
  • Much more....
  • If you hear from her... tell her we miss her
  • Unforgettable chemistry
  • Una bella notizia...!
  • good luck
  • Only beauty... the rest does not belong to us
  • Meetings do not happen by chance...of this I am very sure
  • Now that you are in harmony
  • Being in the shade
  • Intense stories of the pursuit of beauty...
  • …...this magic Baracca….
  • with humility.....
  • Light in a Memory
  • in all this..... keep the energy
  • A sleepwalker on a tightrope
  • I see them from a distance
  • I won't be afraid......
  • what colour of light do we choose....?
  • this is important
  • See and Discover
  • My first thousand years
  • the rest will become.....
  • Meanwhile..... thank you very much
  • Serata top.....
  • Endless music
  • extreme-mindly
  • Outside me
  • Re... finding again
  • in the white room
  • the altar of value
  • Tonight I look
  • As scripted
  • The power of birth
  • The energy...
  • Anche a me piacciono
  • next time you come....
  • Never at a turmoil...
  • Per prepararsi ad un nuovo mondo.....
  • now we begin the journey
  • The hymn to the good life
  • Day by day
  • Because this life is my moment...