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The Shack by the Sea

The Shack by the Sea

Headquarter, atelier, factory & outlet

Viale John Ambrose Fleming, 9

41012 Carpi MO, Italy

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  • Have a nice w.e.
  • What is Art?
...is getting bare
letting out the...
  • Come iniziare...
  • Si...avevo notato
  • For you too
  • I have so much to tell you
  • among the priorities
  • We will talk
  • How will it be?
  • We believe in it
  • See you tomorrow
  • next time you come....
  • Infinity
  • I was seven years old
  • I will surprise you...
  • ...must be strong and imposing
  • There's always a reason
  • They are in spring
  • They remain over time
  • Each point
  • Because bartering is not my commandment.....
  • déjà vu
  • Una bella notizia...!
  • tip tap....
  • Per leggerti dentro
  • the light genius
  • Can't wait
  • Much more....
  • Tomorrow...I will show you.
  • The Light... Loves!
  • As you do
  • I climbed to the top
  • Thank you...!
  • Knowing you...
  • 2012
  • The power of birth
  • The Art of Matter
  • Milan
  • You'll see...!
  • My roots
  • I find it in the depth...
  • It's chemistry of instinct
  • Galvanic...
  • To Paolo...and...?
  • Per un esteta come te
  • Day by day
  • All in a day
  • yes....yesterday evening.....
  • Our feelings
  • Little things.... that change lives