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The Shack by the Sea

The Shack by the Sea

Headquarter, atelier, factory & outlet

Viale John Ambrose Fleming, 9

41012 Carpi MO, Italy

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  • I am sure that...
  • Have a nice w.e.
  • Thanks to you...
  • cuore riflesso
  • I don't want to be intrusive
  • Glad to hear you're OK...
  • Every Little Big Thing
  • Non rinuncerò mai
  • Tienimi aggiornata
  • Unfiltered
  • Climbing towards Polinar
  • intense and pure
  • Vagabonds....
  • Passion of Contrasts
  • next time you come....
  • In piena sintonia
  • Thousand facets
  • And no one can break
  • Ricky and I
  • Come by whenever you like...
  • I miss you...!
  • If you hear from her... tell her we miss her
  • What a royal shot...!
  • Una vita davanti
  • everything will be possible....
  • I was seven years old
  • It's been a long...long time
  • See you tomorrow
  • What a change
  • I'll talk to you at the new dawn
  • Clapper-look
  • A full one... forever!
  • Thank goodness!
  • Add music
  • Ritrovarsi
  • It emerges
  • Let me know....
  • Free me and a strong heartbeat
  • Come iniziare...
  • I can't live without high adrenalin....
  • I won't be afraid......
  • .... No feeling can be restless... if you take it at its starting point it is there....naked... at the bottom of the abyss of the soul you find it...
  • È bello ricominciare
  • I always see myself
  • One tenth of a second
  • Can't wait
  • Fammi sapere....
  • New Life at the Crown
  • Esprimere tanta intensità
  • In a breath