Abandoning oneself to the drift.

It is a true counter-cultural operation, sincerely primitive, driven by a passion for discovery; its aim is to convey that adorable sense of freedom... an equal play between the two dimensions of Daniela's universe: the borderless territory of her inspiration and the concrete manifestation of her thought translated into matter.

Daniela Dallavalle, an entrepreneur who creates art artefacts, wanted to organise and share the immense multitude of her creations in a place accessible to everyone. It is a philosophy of life that becomes living matter and manifests itself in eclectic objects to be worn, looked at, touched, used as talismans.

Matter is the vehicle that the artist employs to facilitate the passage into his world.

The 'I See and I Discover' section, which you have chosen to navigate, requires abandoning the superstructures of the digital experience we are used to conforming to. A fantastic chaos in which to lose oneself consciously.

Daniela's artefacts are made out of forests of symbols. Everyone can find something to recognise themselves in. All you have to do is activate your senses and notice how every detail, every noise, every single material hides little doorways to the intimate dimension of Feeling... This is the purpose of 'Vedo e Scopro'; a space where freedom of expression translates into unconditional freedom of action.

Navigate freely in this expanding sea, where the boundary between fashion, art and design becomes thin, trying to look beyond, letting yourself drift.