Who is Daniela?

“I am an art nomad and eternally curious. This is why I keep my eyes big and my soul deep.”

Daniela Dallavalle, creative soul.
Art as a passion for existence. Matter as life in continuous transformation.
Experience as a fixed point to share a philosophy of life that starts from nature and respect for people in their essence.

Daniela does not create for herself but to contaminate herself with others in a profound way. For those who follow her, in her navigation without a course, a new horizon will open up every time. Those who wish will be able to board a boat that takes off.

Physical contact with matter is the essence of an almost primordial approach to Art. Transforming elements, giving them a new life, is one of the cornerstones of a philosophy of life and creativity that takes inspiration from existence itself.

The Italian designer loves to celebrate her passion for existence and play with imagination, among the many possibilities of expression of her own intimacy. While researching into the essence of matter, she creates artefacts to dress bodies, environments and atmospheres.

Her lifestyle concept is synonymous with the expression of absolute freedom, the unmistakable style of Elisa Cavaletti, the 'Pop Couture' of Daniela Dallavalle's clothing collection, the naturalness of Arte Pura's linen: a journey to discover new worlds that represent a universal creative philosophy that goes beyond time and seasons.